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December 22 Newsletter

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December 9 Newsletter

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November 25 Newsletter

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Beadoughs Donuts Fundraiser

Beadoughs Donuts Fundraiser 

When Covid first hit the Northwest Coast in 2020, the school became aware of many of our families struggling financially. As staff we came up with the idea of the Popup Pantry where families and community members could access food items. The pantry is open to the community and is located in our front foyer for easy access, families can pop in and grab a few items as they need them.

Over the past six months we have noticed an increased need within the community, with the pantry emptying quicker. We are running a Beadoughs Donuts Fundraiser in the hope to help maintain a well-stocked pantry and continue this great initiative, promoting community spirit across the school and within the broader community.

Please follow the link for the order form - Beadoughs Donuts Fundraiser. Alternatively, students will bring order forms home today.

Beadoughs Donuts will be delivered and handed to students on  Friday, December 2. Order forms need to be returned with payment (Eftpos or Cash) by Friday, November 25. No late orders will be accepted.

If you would like further information, please contact the school on 6464 0600.


Magella Dudley

November 11 Newsletter

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2022 Nambi Orders

A friendly reminder orders for our Nambi (school yearbook) close next Thursday, November 17. 

Nambi’s are $16 and can be ordered from the office.


Important Information

Dear Parents,


Over the weekend one of our Year 10 students, Tyler Evans tragically passed away as a result of an ATV accident at Oldina.  We are deeply saddened by his death and our thoughts are with Tyler’s family. Another Parklands student was also involved in the accident and is now home from hospital recovering.

I have contacted Tyler’s family and passed on condolences and thoughts on behalf of the school community.

Students were informed of Tyler’s death during Home Group this morning. We had additional support staff on site today for students needing additional time and support to process this sad news.

It is possible that your child may have some feelings and questions that they may like to discuss with you, it is important to give factual information that is age appropriate. 

You can help your child by taking time to listen and by encouraging them to express their feelings.  All children are different and will express their feelings in different ways.  It is not uncommon for young people to have difficulty concentrating or be fearful, anxious or irritable when experiencing grief.  They may become withdrawn, cry, complain of physical aches and pains, have difficulty sleeping or have nightmares.  Some may not want to eat.  These are generally short-term reactions.  Over the course of the coming days, please keep an eye on your child and allow them to express their feelings without criticism. 

Although classes will continue as usual, I anticipate that the next few days will be difficult for everyone.  We have enclosed some information that you may find useful in helping your child through this difficult time.  Young people frequently turn to social media to see what others are saying, or to find out more.  At these times it is important that you monitor their use and engage with them about what they read.  We urge you to emphasise and reinforce the need to be extremely sensitive and careful about what they post. 

Should you or your child feel the need for professional support, please contact the office or your child’s Year Coordinator on 6464 0600 who will be able to advise on procedures to access this support.


Yours sincerely,


Magella Dudley


mportant information - please check the below information for our school arrangements for Wednesday, 9 November 2022.

Dear Parents and Carers

As you may know, public sector unions have called stop work action on the afternoon of Wednesday, 9 November 2022.

As a result of the number of staff participating in this action, a decision has been made to temporarily close all Tasmanian Government Schools for educational instruction from 12.15pm on Wednesday, 9 November 2022.  

This means that on Wednesday our school will open as normal in the morning and students will be able to arrive at school as they normally do on this day.  However, families will need to make arrangements to pick their child up at 12.15pm. 

Please also note that we have been advised that buses will run as per their usual timetable in the morning and afternoon.  Therefore, if your child relies on bus transport in the afternoon you will need to make other arrangements for their travel home as they will need to be collected at 12.15pm.            

Further information can be found on the Department’s website


Magella Dudley

Long Weekend


October 28 Newsletter

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